Ned Fulmer won’t appear in any more videos, according to The Try Guys

Ned Fulmer won’t appear in any more videos

The viral video team is going on YouTube to address the departure of one of their members. The video was presumably posted after their video was taken down from airing on TV last week.

The company took these accusations seriously and did not want to hide this information. Yang tried to hold back tears while they were making the announcement.

A rumor which speculated Fulmer had been unfaithful became a trending topic on Reddit.

Philippe Fulmer left his video blogging group, the Try Guys, to focus on his family. In addition to their videos, they published a bestselling book and launched a series on the Food Network called No Recipe Road Trip with the Try Guys.

“Regarding what I have said and done recently, please don’t think too much of it because I sincerely apologize to the guys and fans,” he wrote in a social media statement. “But most importantly, Ariel; this matter overshadows my commitments as a husband and father.”

The group now plans to avoid Fulmer from their videos when possible, they shared.

You will never see certain videos because Goldberg is involved with them.

According to Yang, the trio is as shocked by Fulmer’s extramarital relationship as fans are. They will find ways to mend their broken trust with him.

This person feels sad because they’re going to miss someone.

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Ned Fulmer won't appear in any more videos
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