MacKenzie Scott, a billionaire, petitions for divorce from her second spouse.

MacKenzie Scott

Stacy Scott filed a petition for divorce in the King County Superior Court in Washington on Monday. The dissolution of her marriage to Jeff Bezos, which took place less than four years after she divorced her ex-husband, comes during a period of rapid and dramatic change for Ms. Scott.

A separation contract was agreed to before the divorce, which is not public. Both spouses still reside in King County, including Seattle.

After they broke up and brought a lot of attention to their marriage, they said they would still be fulfilling their philanthropic promises.

Elizabeth Scott has declined repeated requests to speak publicly about her giving, refusing to participate in interviews with different news organizations including The New York Times. Her lawyer had not responded to requests for comment on Wednesday. When people attempted to contact Mr. Jewett, they found him unresponsive because his lawyer would not comment about the divorce without him present.

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