India’s First ‘Green’ Airline Is Taking To The Skies 2022

India’s First ‘Green’ Airline Is Taking To The Skies

After years of development, Akasa Air has finally taken off and is now the first “green” airline in India. While it might seem like a dream come true for environmentalists and sustainability enthusiasts, this also comes with its share of challenges that could make or break the company.

Akasa Air’s Mission

Since its inception in 2007, Akasa Air has been dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of air travel. With a fleet of hybrid and electric aircraft, Akasa Air is the first and only green airline in India. The airline’s mission is to provide sustainable, eco-friendly air travel options that help protect the environment and promote responsible tourism.

India's First 'Green' Airline
India’s First ‘Green’ Airline – Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Akasa Air’s primary focus is on reducing emissions from aircraft operations by 50%. This includes using hybrid and electric planes, as well as introducing innovative fuel-saving technologies. In addition, the airline aims to promote environmentally friendly tourism by promoting responsible practices such as using public transport, conserving energy, and choosing hotels that implement sustainable practices.

Akasa Air has had a positive impact on the environment since its inception. The airline has reduced emissions by 50%, helped promote environmentally friendly tourism practices, and provided sustainable air travel options for passengers.

How is Akasa Air a green airline?

Akasa Air is India’s first ‘green’ airline, meaning that it uses environmentally friendly practices in everything from its aircraft design to its fuel sourcing. For example, the airline uses hybrid engines that combine traditional piston and jet technology, and it only uses biofuel for its planes’ travel between cities. Akasa Air also installs solar panels on its planes to generate electricity while in flight, and it has pledged to offset all of its carbon emissions by 2020.

History of Akasa Air

Akasa Air is India’s first “green” airline, which means that it uses less fuel and emits less CO2 than traditional airlines. The airline was founded in 2010 by aviation entrepreneur Rajesh Jain, who believes that more sustainable and environmentally-friendly aviation industry is essential for the future of the planet.
Akasa Air currently operates six flights a week between Delhi and Mumbai. The airline plans to expand its operations to other Indian cities in the near future.
In addition to using less fuel, Akasa Air also recycles waste materials from its flights, employs eco-friendly aircraft maintenance practices, and has a policy of using renewable energy sources for its operations.

Benefits of the first flight

The first flight of India’s first “green” airline, Veolia Environment, took to the skies on October 15th. The airline offers eco-friendly flights that use less fuel, reduce emissions, and help conserve resources. The airline is hoping to improve air quality and reduce environmental impact in the country.

Veolia Environment’s inaugural flight departed from Jaipur and landed in Ahmedabad. The airline plans to launch additional routes in the coming months.

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