4 Good TV Shows That Are Underrated

4 Good TV Shows That Are Underrated

There are many good TV shows that are underrated. One show is “The Americans.” It is a show about two Soviet spies who pose as a married couple in the United States during the Cold War. The show is very well-written and acted, and it has won multiple awards. Another underrated show is “The Good Place.” It is a comedy about a woman who dies and goes to heaven, but it turns out that she doesn’t belong there. The show is very funny and has a great cast.

The American 
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A Cold War-era American spy drama is called The Americans. The two Soviet Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB) intelligence agents who pose as a married couple are the subject of the story. They reside in a Washington, D.C. suburb of Virginia with their two kids.

Animal Kingdom
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Based on the same-named Australian film, Animal Kingdom is a crime drama. It centers on the Oceanside, California, criminal Cody family. The family matriarch and mastermind supervises the Codys as they carry out heists and a variety of other illicit acts.

Sneaky Pete
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In the crime drama series Sneaky Pete, a recently freed prisoner assumes the identity of his cellmate in order to escape his former life. But after they reunited, his estranged family threatened to draw him back into a perilous environment similar to the one he was fleeing.

11 station
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In the dystopian post-apocalyptic miniseries Station Eleven, much of civilization has been wiped out twenty years following a viral outbreak. The survivors survive as itinerant street entertainers but come across a terrifying cult.

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4 Good TV Shows That Are Underrated
4 Good TV Shows That Are Underrated-Image by ooceey from Pixabay

There are plenty of great TV shows that don’t get the attention they deserve. Here are four that are definitely worth checking out:1. The Good Place – This smart and funny show follows a group of people who end up in the afterlife, and features great writing and performances.2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – This police comedy is one of the most consistently funny shows on TV, with likable characters and plenty of laughs.3. Big Little Lies – This miniseries is a must-watch, with a stellar cast telling a dark and twisty story about mothers and murder in an affluent town.4. GLOW – This show about female wrestlers in the 1980s is surprisingly enjoyable, with great characters and a fun retro atmosphere.

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